Our past...

Our History

Since the start of the Foundation, over $900,000.00 in grants have been donated to children's homes across the country. Additionally, through the Bill and Jackie Hazelgrove Scholarship Program, we have been able to assist a number of young people to continue their education and work towards a college or vocational degree.

Broad Street Children's Foundation was founded in 1996 as the Boys Home Foundation by former residents, Patrick Kelly, James Kelly and Jim Hingley, of the Virginia Home for Boys. The philosophy of the Foundation mirrors that of the Home in which they grew up, as it well should, for many of the former boy used the Foundation as a way of giving back to something.

Broad Street being the road the Virginia Home for Boys was originally located, stands as the solid background for the beginning of Broad Street Children's Foundation. Mr. Leigh Carneal, President of the Virginia Home for Boys in 1946, said "What greater ideal could a man or woman have, or what greater service could he or she perform, than taking the underprivileged child and giving him an opportunity and developing him in life?" Today those words still ring true. That is why we supports both boys and girls residential children's homes.

Since the start of the Foundation in 1996 we have made grants totaling over $900,000.00 to children's homes across the United States. Additionally, though a scholarship program, we have been able to assist a number of young people to continue their education, and work towards a degree. Presently, one of the young men we assisted is working towards a Culinary Degree.

It is our goal to build the Foundation to assist even more children in the future. Because every child can succeed in life regardless of their circumstances.

and our future

The Road Ahead

We are excited about the future of Broad Street Children's Foundation! The current Board of Directors consisting of one of original founder and four of the founding members children. Each second generation Board member holds a deep passion to see children in need not only thrive but succeed in life like their fathers did.

Broad Street Children's Foundation is dedicated to the support of children's homes that continue to do an exemplary job of caring for and raising children whom have found themselves deprived of a loving and nurturing home environment. We support both boys and girls residential homes across the United States which receives 25% or less of their funds from government sources.

Whether the outcome is adoption, reunification, or independent living, Broad Street Children's Foundation values the overall strengthen of body, mind and spirit in each home's programs. With your help, we can give children's homes across America the support needed to help end the generational cycle of poverty, abuse and violence that affects so many children today.