In November 2015, Pat Kelly’s life changed forever when he was diagnosed with stage 4 Esophageal Cancer. He loved to travel, read, cook, and spend time with friends and family. He dearly loved his grandsons (Levi, Wyatt, and Henry).

He also loved his medical supply family. In 1983, Pat co-founded Physicians Sales and Service (PSS), a medical supply company, in Jacksonville, FL. PSS became the first national physician supply company. They helped transform the medical supply industry with same-day service and the belief that giving young, inexperienced employees a tremendous amount of responsibility would result in their success. PSSers Don't Grow On Trees! and PSS is a cross between the U.S. Marines and Animal House were two of his favorite mottos. PSS had an open-door policy and wanted everyone to feel as if they were the C.E.O of the company. He believed in responsibility and personal success and wanted all employees to become PSS shareholders. He avidly promoted from within and believed in second chances. He always sought to know his employees and thought of them all like one big family.

Sadly, Pat lost his battle with cancer at the age of 69, but his dream still lives on. He believed his final mission was to help raise money to build the PSS Home at Seamark Ranch, children's home, in Jacksonville, FL.

Seamark Ranch opened its doors to children in 2007. Located on a beautiful 468-acre campus in Northeast Florida, Seamark Ranch provides a traditional home environment where each child can experience the security of boundaries and the acceptance of unconditional love. They strive to heal wounds and help children prosper in faith, in school, and in the community.

Currently, the Ranch has two residences: One boys’ home and one girls’ home. In 2016 Seamark welcomed 7 new children but unfortunately turn away many others because they were at full capacity.

Thanks to the beautiful work of Housing Design Matters and MasterCraft Builder Group we now have a clear vision of the future homes for children in need at Seamark Ranch. "They are now expanding with two additional homes to accommodate more children in need. This is where we come in to team up with MasterCraft. The goal is for each residence look and function as the homes that they are: Warm, welcoming and not at all institutional. Each home provides a place to grow for six to eight children and is headed by house parents (guardian angels, if you ask me) – many of whom have children of their own. So, we design these houses for very large families: Kitchens that can prepare meals for a small army, dining spaces that seat up to twelve people, super-sized laundry rooms, family rooms that are large yet intimate enough for gathering, and personalized bedrooms where every boy or girl has a safe and secure place to lay their heads." says Housing Design Matters.

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