September 18, 2017

Boys Home Foundation Announces Name Change

For Immediate Release:

Boys Home Foundation Announces Name Change To Reflect It's New Vision For The Future Of Helping Children In Need – Broad Street Children's Foundation

September 18, 2017, Jacksonville, FL – Boys Home Foundation announced today that it is changing its name to Broad Street Children's Foundation effective immediately. For the past 21 years, the Foundation has been dedicated to the support of children's homes across America that do an exemplary job of caring for and raising children whom have found themselves deprived of a loving and nurturing home environment. Children, that through no fault of their own, have found themselves alone, abandoned, neglected or abused. 

As our work became more widely known, it became apparent that the name Boys Home Foundation did not immediately convey our mission of serving both boys and girls in need. It took too long to explain its origin and meaning and did not immediately connect to our work of supporting outstanding children's homes across America.

”Broad Street being the road the Virginia Home for Boys was originally located, stands as the solid background for the  the name change to Broad Street Children's Foundation. Mr. Leigh Carneal, President of the Virginia Home for Boys in 1946, said "What greater ideal could a man or woman have, or what greater service could he or she perform, than taking the underprivileged child and giving him an opportunity and developing him in life?" Today those words still ring true for us. Since the Foundation supports both boys and girls residential children's homes we felt we needed a name to reflect the support of all children in need of a loving home.” explains Mara Kelly Webb, President of Broad Street Children's Foundation.  “ Our new name tells the story of where we have come from as well as the broad road ahead, full of possibilities to successfuly accomplish our mission.

Since the start of the Foundation, over $800,000.00 in grants have been donated to children's homes across the country. Additionally, through the Bill and Jackie Hazelgrove Scholarship Program, we have been able to assist a number of young people to continue their education and work towards a college or vocational degree.

Today, the Broad Street Children's Foundation is continuing the dream of its original founders, Patrick Kelly, James Kelly and Jim Hingley through the second generation. They, equally as dedicated as their father's, strive to change the lives of children in need across America and striving to break the cycle of abuse and neglect for children and their future families.We strongly believe every child can succeed in life regardless of their circumstances. By supporting homes that lift children up, healing their wounds and put them on the path to a brighter future.

More information about the history of Broad Street Children's Foundation.

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